Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paludis 0.48.2 Released

I don't normally post about new Paludis releases, but this one brings a new client that many has been asking about.

From NEWS:

  • The ‘cave’ client is now enabled by default. ‘cave’ is a modular console client that will eventually replace ‘paludis’. It is currently reasonably functional and well tested, but does not yet have all the features present in ‘paludis’, and is thus not yet considered a complete replacement.

See this post for more on cave.

1 comment:

  1. So it's called cave? Since programs in the Paludis suite have Latin names (mostly verbs), I want to watch out for this new client. "Cave" is the imperative singluar of cavere, meaning means "beware".

    Ancient Romans often put up warnings that said "Cave canem" (beware of the dog). Will this get turned into "Cave paludem" (beware of the swamp)?

    Cave can also be the vocative singular of the noun cavus, which does mean cave. The trouble is that this form isn't useful unless you're speaking to the cave--or maybe yelling at it.

    Finally, cave can be an adverb. I don't know that you'd really want "hollowly" or "porously" as the name of a program, though.

    Leaving Latin aside, I guess this means that Paludis aspires to another attribute of Portage. You can emerge Portage, but there is no portage executable.