Sunday, March 22, 2009

Benchmark Paludis 0.38 and Portage #2

As it seems unclear to some, I have redone my benchmarks today with extra comments.

peper is using different configuration files for portage and paludis. So the comparison is quite ... uhm ... difficult.
I did include -E portage timinings too, didn't I? But let's look again.
# time paludis -ip sys-apps/portage -E portage
real    1m39.186s
user    1m2.442s
sys     0m38.543s
<bonsaikitten> dleverton: since I don't have any paludis config files my results are what should happen, -E seems to not do things the same (or there are some artifacts from the previous config left)
Still not enough? Ok. (Yes, I know these are silly.)
# mv /etc/paludis /etc/paludis.hidden
# time paludis -ip sys-apps/portage
real    1m39.407s
user    1m2.099s
sys     0m38.633s
# time paludis -ip sys-apps/portage -E portage
real    1m39.948s
user    1m2.133s
sys     0m38.873s

And portage didn't get any faster since yesterday either:
# time emerge -puD sys-apps/portage
real    5m30.694s
user    3m30.119s
sys     1m56.093s

What am I missing this time?

And to get things back to normal:
# mv /var/lib/gentoo/repositories/gentoo/metadata.hidden /var/lib/gentoo/repositories/gentoo/metadata
# time emerge --metadata
real    2m58.175s
user    0m16.025s
sys     0m8.808s

# time paludis --metadata
Usage error: Error handling command line: Bad argument '--metadata'

real    0m0.022s
user    0m0.007s
sys     0m0.004s
Oh, right, paludis doesn't do that.
And now:
# time emerge -puD sys-apps/portage
real    0m4.196s
user    0m3.924s
sys     0m0.177s

# time paludis -ip sys-apps/portage -E portage
real    0m3.082s
user    0m2.554s
sys     0m0.518s

My /etc/make.conf for the record:
CFLAGS="-march=athlon64 -O2 -pipe"
USE="mmx sse sse2 -gnome hal -cups bash-completion -ldap vim-syntax laptop"






P.S. How do you call having comments blocked completly if it's "braindamaged" to allow comments from multiple popular services?