Saturday, June 16, 2007

Python bindings for Paludis #1

I was supposed to give some updates about my SoC project, so here is the much delayed first one.

I have been working on the bindings since the moment I thought about the project and had some code ready even for the initial project proposal. After it had been accepted I was continuing the work with bigger and smaller breaks. Meanwhile I was doing some contributions to Paludis in other areas, learning its internals and getting better at C++.

I believe the first big date for my project was 5 April 2007 when bindings code was initially imported to the Paludis repository (r2881). The second big date is still coming, which will be the release of Paludis 0.26 with the Python bindings included.

The exact status of the bindings is best seen in the repository or in the API docs, which I update every now and then.

Currently I am working on bringing *DepSpec up to date and preparing for yet another Paludis API change. The bigger plan is to finish bindings for all the core classes sometime soon...

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