Saturday, April 14, 2007

My brand new blog and Google Summer of Code

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Thanks to seredipity setting it up was quite easy :] I've been thinking about making one for quite some time and today I have eventually decided to do so. Why today? Well, GSoC!
My proposal was accepted as one of the Gentoo projects. In short, my task is to make python bindings for Paludis, the Other Package Mangler for Gentoo. If you want more details, check out my application and, if you are even more desperate, code, which I have already written. Also ciaran was nice enough to write a few words about it, but don't forget to ignore the rubbish about Python :]
So... I am planing to blog about progress of my project, some Gentoo stuff, and... time will tell.

P.S. 1) My name is Piotr Jaroszyński (hence the domain), I live in Warsaw and am first year Computer Science student at Warsaw University.
P.S. 2) I hope my pathetic 256 kbit/s upload will manage ;]

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